Star Citizen Makes 3x Kickstarter Cash on Own Website

Tops $9m in crowdfunding

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Star Citizen Makes 3x Kickstarter Cash on Own Website
Star Citizen, the upcoming game from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, has raised over $9m in crowd-funding, with over 75% of that having come from its own initiative outside the realms of Kickstarter.

The total, with the Kickstarter having now closed, stands at $9,133,242. Of that, $2,134,374 came from Kickstarter with the remaining $6,998,868 having been raised independently on the Roberts Space Industries website.

It's an interesting model, getting the benefit of talking to Kickstarter's userbase while pointing backers out to a separate initiative that won't have to pay out a 5% fee for using the platform. It helps, of course, that Roberts is a known quantity with fans who were clearly ready to support him before the funding round began.

Star Citizen has been in development for a year and is, according to developer Cloud Imperium, "a rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person." The aim is to incorporate elements of Roberts' previous titles Wing Commander and Freelancer.


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