Firaxis Counters Bushnell: "A Lot of Life Left in Mobile"

Mobile dominance is far from over.

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Firaxis Counters Bushnell: "A Lot of Life Left in Mobile"
Civilization and XCOM developer Firaxis has countered comments by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell that suggested that the mobile industry's gaming dominance is over.

Firaxis is dipping its toe into the mobile space with a new strategy game called Haunted Hollow. And lead designer David McDonough believes that there is still a long way to go for the platform.

When asked what he thought about Bushnell's comments, McDonough told SPOnG, "Oh, I would disagree, mostly. I think he’s right in that we’re now past the ‘land rush’ of mobile, where people were just discovering that there was a huge untapped audience, with the first good games getting high exposure.

"Now, it’s starting to... condense into sediments of studios who have been successful and know how to make good mobile games. So yeah, it’s past its honeymoon stage, but I think there’s an awful lot of life left in mobile. There’s a lot of design opportunity here.

"The implications of touch interface alone has yet to be solved for lots of classic styles of games. And mobile devices themselves are getting more powerful - so quickly, in fact, that pretty soon there could be a brand new tech bubble for the platform. Be that 3D, perhaps, or opportunities for peripherals or cross-connectivity - games you could play both on your mobile and pc at the same time.

"There seems to be a world of possibility and opportunity left on mobile. Even though we’ve gone past one of the first phases of mobile market, there’s a lot more to come I think."

Stay tuned for the full, exclusive SPOnG interview with McDonough, later today.


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