Firaxis: "Lots of Optimism" for the Future of XCOM

Potential basis for a franchise.

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Firaxis: "Lots of Optimism" for the Future of XCOM
Firaxis has suggested that its XCOM reboot has met internal commercial expectations, and that the studio has a "lot of optimism" for the game's "potential basis for a franchise".

David McDonough, co-lead designer on Firaxis' original iOS strategy game Haunted Hollow (and for a time, one of the producers for last year's XCOM: Enemy Unknown), revealed that the studio considers the game a sales success.

"Id say yes, the studio is immensely proud of the work they did on XCOM, and how we were able to stay true to the original but at the same time modernise it for a new generation," McDonough said in an exclusive interview with SPOnG.

"I think that the game has been a success, both critically and commercially. And as you can see in our DLC plans for the game, how were continuing to support it post-launch.

"We have a lot of optimism for the future of the XCOM game as a potential basis for a franchise. But I cant specifically speak to whether there are plans for a sequel."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released last year to critical acclaim, but there was concern that it perhaps had not sold well enough to warrant a sequel. It seems that the mood within Firaxis doesn't match up with that.

Stay tuned for the full interview on SPOnG later today.


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