XCOM Creator on Firaxis' Reboot: They Changed So Much

He likes it though, don't worry.

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XCOM Creator on Firaxis' Reboot: They Changed So Much
Firaxis earned itself a lot of retro love for its critically acclaimed reboot of PC RTS XCOM. But, while original game creator Julian Gollop loves the modern take on his baby, he admits that he would have designed some elements differently - although his version would be a less successful game for it.

"Itís great. Itís very very good, Gollop said during an interview at GDC, but added of Jake Solomon's reboot that, "Heís changed so much. I think he was probably worried that Iíd come up to him and say ďJake, youíve been a naughty boy. What have you done to my XCOM?Ē but no. It wasnít like that at all."

Gollop noted a few things in the new game that didn't sit particularly well with him, though. The hard difficulty curve, the obscure funding system in the form of satellites, and the terror options that leave little opportunity for players to fully protect themselves. Of that last point, Gollop said, "Youíre going to definitely lose out somewhere. You have to choose which one youíre going to lose. I would have designed it differently, for sure.

"Would it have been as successful as the new XCOM? Probably not. No, Iím afraid... I guess my original game was a bit more simulation-ny and the new game is a bit more board game-y." But, Gollop is happy with Firaxis' effort, and said that he has no plans to get involved with any future projects. "For years I tried to remake XCOM. But with the new one, the urge is gone. That demonís been laid to rest."

As a bonus, he was asked what he thought of the 'other' XCOM game 2K Marin is currently working on. The one that started off as an FPS, then fell off the radar and is coming back as a 'reimagined' third person affair. "I think they got some bad reactions on several levels," Gollop said of the initial reveal.

"One was the fact it was an FPS. Secondly, the presentation was a bitÖ this 1950s style alternate reality thing probably didnít go down too well with a lot of people, either, so it may be theyíre rethinking that. Iím not sure. Graphically, it was amazing.

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