Ubisoft: We Don't Need Next-Gen to Create New Game Ideas

Indie studios are creating new and innovative titles already.

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Ubisoft: We Don't Need Next-Gen to Create New Game Ideas
Everyone's excited about the next-generation. But Ubisoft executive Jade Raymond doesn't believe we need a new line of consoles in order to create new and interesting game concepts.

"As a gamer and developer Iím very excited about the promise of Next Gen," Raymond told MCV. "That being said, innovation is not necessarily driven by teraflops alone. In my opinion, many of the most exciting new concepts lately have been driven out of the indie scene and have come to life on less powerful platforms."

Ubisoft sparked something of a late-cycle trend for new IP creation when it announced Watch Dogs at E3 last year. Capcom followed suit shortly after with the reveal of Remember Me. This is despite calls by other major publishers, such as EA, to stick with tried and tested licenses until the launch of next-generation consoles.

Raymond noted that indie developers are really picking up where these companies are slacking. But she hopes that new ideas can still be incorporated into existing franchises. "With Splinter Cell Blacklist, not only do I think that the team is delivering the best stealth experience of this generation, I also think that we are delivering a completely new multiplayer experience. Hopefully unique gameplay is still something that can make a game stand out."


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