Thank Your God News! No Sequel to Award Winning Journey

Grace and sense take hold of perfect game

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Thank Your God News! No Sequel to Award Winning Journey
People have a habit of saying mad things after award ceremonies especially if, like Journey's executive producer Robin Hunicke, they won a substantial prize.

Robin, whose prizes from the prestigious BAFTA included huge carved, empty eyed face trophies for Online Multiplayer, Game Design, Artistic Achievement, Original Music, Audio Achievement was not keen to bugger up the majestic legacy of this game. She said:

"I think we all put a lot of heart and soul into Journey, so we'd like to leave it where it is. "It's pretty much perfect the way it is, we don't want to mess with that so I would imagine there would be no Journey 2."

Thanks be to the living gods of creativity for that. Now we really want to know what's next from ThatGameCompany.

In the meanwhile, get this Journey game off the internet probably for free.

Source: IGN

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