Rumour: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Going Free-to-Play

Level caps apparently imposed.

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Rumour: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Going Free-to-Play
Images purporting to be leaked snapshots from an Uncharted 3 multiplayer update, and an alleged PS Blog update (that has since been edited) suggest that Naughty Dog is about to let its online treasure-hunting experience go free-to-play.

In unrelated news, Square Enix's competing adventure game Tomb Raider - which also includes a multiplayer mode - is releasing next week. Totally unrelated to this Uncharted 3 story, though. Absolutely.

Ahem. Anyway, the official PlayStation Blog posted an update which made mention of the game's multiplayer mode going free-to-play (via GamingEverything). The reference has since been deleted, but keen-eyed NeoGAF users have apparently spotted a reference within the game itself.

If true, this will mean that the multiplayer segment of the game will be made available as a separate download from PlayStation Store, free for anyone to jump in and play. The leaked screenshots suggest that the free-to-play version will impose a level cap on players, with an unlock made available by purchasing the full game.

It's assumed that users owning the full version of the game already will be unaffected. But you never know.


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