Wii Mini Coming to UK March 22

Accompanying a number of new Nintendo Selects.

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Wii Mini Coming to UK March 22
Nintendo has confirmed that the red and black Wii Mini console is destined for a UK release after all. The stripped-down, internet-less console will be available on March 22.

The console will come with a red Wii Remote Plus and a red Nunchuk controller, and will be compatible with "most existing Wii accessories." It will not include any internet functionality or Gamecube support, however.

To coincide with the launch, Nintendo is adding a number of titles to its budget Nintendo Selects collection: Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Power Tennis.

Wii Mini initially launched in Canada on December 7 for $99.99. No price was announced for the UK, although we doubt it'd be any more expensive than Wiis are currently going for at the moment.

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