Watch_Dogs: Wii U Confirmed, PS4 Announcement Screens

Due for PlayStation 4 'launch'

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In the midst of all the noise about the PS4, Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch_Dogs will get a Wii U release. SPOnG also has some new screenshots for your oggling pleasure.

In the press release announcing that the game will be released on Sony's next-gen console, the company quietly mentioned the Wii U as one of the other platforms the game will feature on.

On the PS4 front, Ubisoft said that Watch_Dogs will be available "for the launch of the new system". Keep in mind that for the Wii U, a 'launch title' could be anything released withing a few months of the console's appearance on shelves.

Ubisoft also put out some new screens and a render. The publisher didn't specifically mark them as from the PS4 build, but one way or another they're pretty easy on the eyes.

For the sake of completeness, we've also included the video shown last night below. See the rest of last night's trailers through here.



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