Sony Announces PS Vita Price Cut for Japan

PSO2 launching alongside new Vita Bonus Pack.

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Sony Announces PS Vita Price Cut for Japan
Sony is slashing the price of the PlayStation Vita in Japan, in a move that the company hopes will help rejuvenate interest in the device.

In an online presentation focusing solely on the PS Vita, Sony announced a price cut of 5000 on both the Wi-Fi and 3G models, effective February 28. They will retail for 19,980 (around 139) instead of its current price of 24,980 (about 174).

Additionally, Sony will launch a Vita 'Bonus Pack' on February 28 for 24,980, which will include a 3G model and a 32GB memory card. SEGA's Phantasy Star Online 2 and Square Enix's Final Fantasy X remaster were showcased at the event, with the former releasing at the end of the month.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a statement saying that it has "nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within our own region."

The move follows reports that suggest Sony is preparing a more focused marketing approach to the Vita, which has been consistently outsold by both Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's own PSP. Earlier this month, the company reduced its sales expectations for the Vita from 16 million to seven million units for the financial year.

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Ergo 18 Feb 2013 12:48
Need games, Sony, pricing is great when you saturate a particular market segment, but you haven't even managed to get the core gamers on board, and this isn't going to make them any more likely to buy because (say it with me again) *you still don't have any games anyone wants*.

(I have one, but it doesn't do much except play the occasional DL PSP games.)
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