Gears of War Tactics: Images of Kinect-Based RTS Surface

Report suggests move to next Xbox console.

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Images of a work-in-progress Gears of War Kinect game have hit the internet.

The screenshots details gameplay from an alpha build of a motion-controlled RTS game for the Xbox 360, reportedly titled Gears of War: Tactics. The pictures are said to be stills taken from an internal video, hence the resolution quality.

According to VGLeaks the game, developed by Epic, would have allowed players to control four characters on a top-down map. Paths would have been drawn using the players' fingers, with gestures used to select various actions.

VGLeaks speculates that, "Epic Games were developing the game for Xbox 360, but now probably they moved the project to Durango." It is possible that this project was the oft-rumoured Gears of War: Exile game that Epic had been working on and reportedly cancelled.


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