Rumour: Killzone 4 Will Be Announced Alongside PlayStation 4

Could be a launch title.

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Rumour: Killzone 4 Will Be Announced Alongside PlayStation 4
Sony might be announcing a brand new console on February 20. Might. And according to the latest rumour floating around the internet, it might reveal a brand new Killzone game alongside it. Might.

The rumour stems from Videogamer, which cites an "industry source" that says the unannounced project, said to be Killzone 4, is being developed at Guerrilla Games and could be released during the next PlayStation's launch window.

If the next PlayStation console is to be unveiled in a couple weeks' time, it is likely that Sony will want to tease some first-party games in development for the system. Killzone games were announced in past hardware announcements for the PS3 and PS Vita, so Killzone 4 could be a safe bet. Could.

Guerrilla Games is also working on a brand new IP, according to the report. Sony has declined to comment on the rumour.


config 11 Feb 2013 16:31
Cue announcement being a pre-viz video, torn apart by critics who go silent on delivery of actual game being pretty bloody close to the pre-renders
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