PlayStation 4 to Cost Upwards of $400

Japanese media sources going crazy with 'news'

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PlayStation 4 to Cost Upwards of $400
Japanese media sources Asahi Shimbun and the nikkei are claiming price and cloud gaming news for Sony's forthcoming PS4 today.

It seems from the former that Sony is eschewing notions of worldwide economic depression (and also its own recent horrible gaming earnings decline) and pricing the new unit at 40,000 yen (around $426, which is terrifyingly similar to the launch cost of the PS3.) We'd expect to see this in the UK as a $= cost rather than the 270 that a direct yen-to-pound should be.

The Verge has done some translation and also points out that the Nikkei states: " the PS4 will apparently use cloud technology from Gaikai, the gaming service that Sony bought for $380 million last year."

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ghoti 7 Feb 2013 12:19
That's still 75 off the PS3's UK launch price.
Ergo 7 Feb 2013 16:25
Repeat after me: the world economy will be *horrific* until at least 2015--launching into the teeth of it with a $400+ console is suicidal.
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Daz 7 Feb 2013 17:21
@Ergo moan if ya want, I'm gonna start saving.
DrkStr 7 Feb 2013 19:41
Actually, what usually happens is that dollars are a 100th of Yen, Euros are the same as Dollars and Pounds are converted from Euros and rounded up to a simple number.

PS3 60GB was 59,980 Yen at launch, $599, 599 Euros and 425.

If PS4 is going to be 40,000 Yen, I'd expect $400, 400 Euros and 350-380.

Why are they not just straight conversions from Yen? Import taxes, that's why!
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