Namco Bandai: Profits Up 71 Per Cent, Full-Year Projections Boosted

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 performs well.

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Namco Bandai: Profits Up 71 Per Cent, Full-Year Projections Boosted
In this uncertain console climate, it's really quite nice to see traditional publishers turn in anything other than a loss. Namco Bandai appears to have done very well in the nine months ending December 31 2012, with profits (net income) at 28 billion ($298 million). That's a 71.7 per cent increase year-on-year (from 16.3bn, or $174m).

Sales for the period totalled 350.6bn ($3.7bn), which in itself was an increase of 8.4 per cent from the same period last year (323.4bn / $3.4bn). On the back of this, the publisher has revised its full year profit projections upward by 26.9 per cent to 24.5bn ($261m). Good job!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was one of the stars of the show, with Namco Bandai reporting that the brawling sequel sold 1.35 million copies worldwide since release. Soul Calibur 5 continued to sell, with 850,000 units helping the game reach a worldwide lifetime sales total of 1.56 million.

For more nitty gritty details, check out the investor relations report here and here.

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