Rumour: Next-Generation Project Gotham Racing in the Works

Lucid Games is reportedly behind the title.

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Rumour: Next-Generation Project Gotham Racing in the Works
Don't look now, but it sounds like Microsoft is preparing a new Project Gotham Racing game to complement the launch of its next Xbox.

That's according to the latest rumour doing the rounds, in which a number of reporters have joined the dots on an incoming announcement from 'boutique' Liverpool studio Lucid Games. Anonymous sources hinted at a PGR5, with further investigation reportedly supporting those claims.

What's interesting is that on Lucid Games' website, there's a teaser image that suggests a new game launch in 2013. Which is the year that (everyone believes) the next Xbox will launch. Oooh, how exciting!

Source: STFUandPlay (via VG247)

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