UK PS3 Finally Gets Skyrim DLC Dates

Also prices for the USA

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UK PS3 Finally Gets Skyrim DLC Dates
At long, long last, SkyrimDLC is dated for the PS3 in English speaking countries that are not in the USA. Yes, Bethesda has dated Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire.

Bethesda point-man Pete Hines took up the task of telling us all that the DLC had finally made it through Sony's certification with the following details:

He pointed out on Twitter that, "Skyrim PS3 DLC update for Europe. English versions out on 2/13 (DB), 2/20 (HF), 2/27 (DG). Still waiting for FIGS dates."

FIGS in this case means "French, Italian, German, Spanish".

He also talked price for the US, "Reg. price is $20 for DB and DG, $5 for HF. First week of release, each will be 50% off. So $10 for DB/DG and $2.50 for HF."

Dates for the USA are over here.


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