PlayStation 4 - Share Button + Delayed Europe Release Already

The PS4 is not even officially born yet, but it's going to late.

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Ahhh those were the days my friend...
Ahhh those were the days my friend...
Dang you to heck European trade people and your so-called tariffs and barriers! It appears that the PS4, due to be borne into shops this Xmas, won't be appearing in Europe until 2014. But it will have a share button.

Earlier today we reported that Mr Rupert Murdoch's mighty financial organ The Wall Street Journal was sure that the PS4 would launch pre-Xmas (we reckon September). Well another huge outlet thinks differently for Europe.

"Were told that PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan and the US by Christmas, with a Euro rollout following in early 2014, the delay attributed to the complexities involved in European distribution, " says Edge, "alongside the console, Sony will also introduce a new, improved iteration of its PlayStation Eye peripheral, which remains compatible with the PlayStation Move controller. Move will be available at launch, but its not clear yet whether it will be bundled with the hardware."


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Daz 2 Feb 2013 12:46
better start saving those pennies
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