Minecraft is Number 1 in Inaugural Xbox Live Arcade Chart

Excellent insight into what actual gamers are playing

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Minecraft is Number 1 in Inaugural Xbox Live Arcade Chart
The UK's first XBLA Top Ten chart is in. It covers the period for the week ending January 27th. It also provides some genuinely fascinating insight into what gamers - real ones, not grandparents meandering around malls - are up to.

It will come as no shock to see Minecraft ruling all-comers in the #1 Spot. However, the chart - exclusive to industry organ MCV also contains a few notables - specifically that widely lauded The Walking Dead from TellTale Games doesn't make the top 3.

1. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Microsoft (1600 points)
2. The Cave SEGA (1200 points)
3. Trials Evolution Microsoft (1200 points)
4. The Walking Dead TellTale Games (400 points)
5. Trials HD Microsoft (800 points)
6. Castle Crashers Microsoft (1200 points)
7. Sonic Adventure 2 Sega (800 points)
8. Peggle PopCap (800 points)
9. Real Steel Yukes (800 points)
10. Guardians of Middle-Earth (1200 points)

Source: MCV

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