David Bowie Jr to Make World of Warcraft Movie

Moon and Source Code Director Duncan Jones to make good video game movie

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This character HAS to appear in the movie.
This character HAS to appear in the movie.
One of David Bowie's youngsters, Moon and Source Code director and creative bloke in his own right, Duncan Jones has been confirmed to helm a live action World of Warcraft movie.

Jones - and avid gamer and Amiga lover - himself confirmed the tie-in on his Twitter account (@ManMadeMoon). However, more details have also come to light regarding the movie:

First up he retweeted, "Congrats @ManMadeMoon on being chosen to direct the #WoW film!" Then The Hollywood Reporter ran with:

"Duncan Jones is making the jump to big-budget tentpole movies, signing on to direct Warcraft, Legendary Pictures’ live-action adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s video game universe.

"Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing for Legendary along with Blizzard and Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven and Alex Gartner."

Fortunately for all of us, Jone's gamer background bodes well, as doe his statement that: "So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. Ive always said its possible. Got to DO it now! ;)"

Fingers crossed ya'll.

Oh, by the way, video games are not David Bowie's thing...


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