Rough Cut Trailer for Ubisoft Project 'Osiris' Emerges

Set in ancient Egypt, by the studio behind Assassin's Creed.

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Rough Cut Trailer for Ubisoft Project 'Osiris' Emerges
A demo video of a Ubisoft project called Osiris has appeared online. The rough cut debuted on the website of composer Mark Killian, who notes that his musical work was commissioned by Ubisoft's Montreal Studios.

The work in progress trailer itself states the project is by "the studio that brought you Assassin's Creed". Killian's work is played against motion capture footage combined with a selection of concept artwork.

Osiris appears to be an action game set in ancient Egypt. A great insect plague is summoned during the trailer, and a number of fights occur between the hero and some enemy characters before an earthquake takes place.

With the Prince of Persia franchise reportedly on hold, this project seems to be picking up the slack. Ubisoft has not been shy of exploring new IPs as of late, with the announcement of Watch Dogs last year and the revelation that its purchase of THQ Montreal came complete with an unannounced new IP.

Source: Mark Killian's Blog


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