Rumour: New iPad Models Arriving in Spring

Grab those pitchforks!

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Rumour: New iPad Models Arriving in Spring
If you were lucky enough to get an iPad at Christmas, this might be hard to absorb. But here it is - according to "industry sources" at CES, Apple is preparing iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 production for March 2013, some five months after the launch of the current models.

The rumour comes straight off of specialist website Apple Insider, which cites confirmation from one Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets that the iPad updates will hit retail in two month's time.

According to White, the iPad 5 will be slimmer than its predecessor, include an A6X processor and Lightning chip. The iPad mini 2 is said to be essentially the same as the debut model, albeit with improved specs.

Of course, there's no sources to speak of other than White's "checks", according to Apple Insider, so for the time being this is best read with a great big wodge of salt by your side.


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