UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Keeps It Up

Anarchy Reigns debuts at 16.

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UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Keeps It Up
January isn't a month you'd normally associate with football. But then, when it's cold outside, staying indoors and playing FIFA makes a lot of sense. It's probably why the 2013 edition is clinging to the top of the UK Charts this week for yet another week running.

We're also in that strange period of time in the industry where nothing really happens, so it stands to reason that the entire Top 10 remains largely untouched from last week. Just Dance 4 and Halo 4 switch places, as does Skyrim and LEGO Lord of the Rings, while Football Manager 2013 re-enters the chart.

Annoyingly, the only new release to break the Top 40 is SEGA's Anarchy Reigns. The PS3 and Xbox 360 brawler, which has been critically acclaimed and currently on sale at a budget price, debuted at #16 this week. That's a poor form for gamers nationwide. Must do better next time.

{01} - 01 - FIFA 13 - Electronic Arts
{02} - 02 - Far Cry 3 - Ubisoft
{03} - 03 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops II - Activision Blizzard
{04} - 04 - Hitman Absolution - Square Enix Europe
{05} - 05 - Need For Speed Most Wanted - Electronic Arts
{07} - 06 - Just Dance 4 - Ubisoft
{06} - 07 - Halo 4 - Microsoft
{RE} - 08 - Football Manager 2013 - SEGA
{10} - 09 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Bethesda Softworks
{09} - 10 - LEGO The Lord Of The Rings - Warner Bros. Interactive

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