Sony on PlayStation 4: "Wait Until May at Least"

Reveal could be made before E3 in June.

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Sony on PlayStation 4: "Wait Until May at Least"
Sony could unveil its next PlayStation as early as May, if the words of a cheeky corporate executive were anything to go by.

Hiroshi Sakamoto was chatting to Chilean news website at CES recently, when he flat-out refused to speak about the PlayStation 4... until he decided to speak about it.

According to the report, when Sakamoto was asked whether Sony would reveal its next console in the coming months, the exec replied, "That's still a big secret. But our friends are preparing PlayStation. I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June.

"Announcement may be in that minute or even earlier in May." Sakamoto hinted that the company was preparing a 'big announcement', adding "In that time we expect to deliver great news, but we must wait until May at least."



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