Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced for Worldwide October Release

Coming to Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo has just announced two brand new Pokemon role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, will feature (as you'd expect) all-new creatures and legendaries to collect, as well as a full 3D world.

Company president Satoru Iwata revealed that the two games represent the "next evolution" of the Pokemon series, and teased that the titles will introduce an innovative new way to interact with fellow trainers.

The only details of the two games unveiled so far, however, relate to a short gameplay trailer which involved the announcement of the three new starter Pokemon - the grass-based Chespin, the fire-based Fennekin and the water-based Froakie. You can see pictures of them in the image gallery right there.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will also be a first for the series as the two games will be released in Japan, Europe, the US and Australia at the same time - October 2013. Better start marking those calendars and booking that time off now, then.



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