End of an Era as Sony Stops Making PlayStation 2

Over a decade since it was launched... PS2 ceases.

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End of an Era as Sony Stops Making PlayStation 2
After nearly 13 years on the market - the console was launched on March 4th 2000 - Sony has finally stopped production of the 155million-selling PlayStation 2.

Famitsu reports that the most recent tranche of the hugely popular games console shipped into retail channels is the last.

The Famtisu report is supported by the BBC which points out that "The PS2 was so popular that it outsold its replacement for the first three years that the PlayStation 3 was available."

It then proposes that the death of the PS2 is a strong indication of the imminent birth of the PlayStation 4, a console that Sony must hope will retrieve something of the reputation gained by the PS2 and spent on the delayed and expensive PS3.

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