Gearbox - Aliens: Colonial Marines Lighting "Directly Linked to Your Emotions"

Exclusive interview reveals secrets of space marines game making

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Gearbox - Aliens: Colonial Marines Lighting "Directly Linked to Your Emotions"
Gearbox are readying Aliens: Colonial Marines to scare the absolute gall from your bladder. We've got a great interview with environmental artist Chris Neely in which he explains some of the more interesting guts of the game.

Not only does he explain that, "For Gearbox, getting the visual tone wrong could result in the whole project - which has been eagerly awaited by fans since its announcement some five years ago - being an abject failure", he goes on to speak about how you will be affected by it.

The bespoke lighting system used over and above the Unreal engine "is all directly linked to your emotions, and how you feel as you play. We didnít want to phone it in, to ride on the success of an old franchise. And not fanboy half-hearted either. We want this to be genuine."

Full interview right here. Do not miss it.

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