Def Jam Founder to Make Video Games

Let's hope it's easy to rock a controller

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Def Jam Founder to Make Video Games
Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons is getting into video games via the mobile gaming route. So, finally, proof that while video games may not be art, they are completely cool in a late 1980s Run DMC way! Word to you mother!

The man Russims is all up in your face about his new jam in company form called 'GreenRoks'. The press release states that he's going to be producing, "a series of preteen-teen mobile games (starting with), greenROKS - "Mission G-ROK" in spring of 2013." Yo!

He then says, "Entertainment is what resonates quickest with youth, which today means online and mobile activities (based on broad affirming data) and will continue to be the driving force to reach youth worldwide." And that really does suck any possible fun out of the situation...

Source: Russell Goddamn Simmons

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