Consolevania Presenters Launch Two New Video Game Shows

Florence and Macloud head in different directions.

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Consolevania Presenters Launch Two New Video Game Shows
Comedy writer (and one half of popular games show Consolevania) Robert Florence is about to launch a new online video game show called This Fucking Amusement Arcade, which he calls "a semi-fictional comedy short sitcom that happens to be about video games."

Speaking with the Guardian, Florence said that the new show will focus on a games blogger who has "spent much of his life travelling through fictional landscapes," and is now "having to deal with a transition back into the stuff of real life."

Rather than featuring reviews and traditional sketches, TFAA will instead contain urban stories that are inspired by gaming and the culture surrounding it. The Guardian doesn't detail when the show will launch, but fans can keep a close eye on all announcements through the 'semi-fictional' blog of the same name.

Consolevania co-presenter Ryan Macleod has also jumped back into the video games show scene, having recently launched ChuckieDregs. The new programme follows a similar format to Consolevania, in which Macleod and his team satirise video game cliches and provide off-the-wall reviews on recent titles. The first couple of episodes can be watched right here.

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