Xbox Music Could be Heading to SkyDrive

Cloud service to get music player, with streaming capabilities.

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Xbox Music Could be Heading to SkyDrive
Microsoft's Xbox Music platform will be getting cloud features soon, but that's not the only piece of the jigsaw. The company is also planning the launch a music player for its cloud-based SkyDrive service.

Tech outlet LiveSide was able to plunge into the depths of some code within the website, and came up with a line of text that referenced "MusicPlayer" functionality. Resource images were also discovered that assumed the form of a music player, too.

Microsoft has been quiet on any such capability for SkyDrive, and continues to stay silent - but LiveSide sees this as proof that music playback will be on the way. It couldn't quite confirm if Xbox Music would be compatible with this particular player, but it would be rather silly if that wasn't the case.

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