Wii Mini Leaked by Retailer, Set for December 7 Release

Comes in red and black.

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Wii Mini Leaked by Retailer, Set for December 7 Release
The Wii U doesn't appear to be the only new hardware release Nintendo has planned for the Christmas period. A miniature version of the existing Wii console could be hitting store shelves (in Canada, at the very least) by December 7.

Best Buy's Canadian website has spilled the beans, with an image of a redesigned "Wii Mini" displayed proudly on the retailer's homepage. Clicking the link takes users nowhere but a general Wii storefront, but the December 7 date is displayed alongside it.

The Wii Mini comes with a standard Wii Remote controller, and a red-and-black base unit that stands up on its own. It follows internet rumours that suggested a Wii Mini console will launch in early December. Seems like those rumours are holding up to be true.

We've put a call in to Nintendo about this, and will let you know if we hear official word back on it.

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