Sine Mora Finally Hits PlayStation 3, PS Vita Today

Comes with exclusive content.

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Sine Mora Finally Hits PlayStation 3, PS Vita Today
Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality's diesel-punk shoot'em up, Sine Mora, is finally hitting the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita today. And with it comes a number of exclusive features that won't be found in the original Xbox Live Arcade release.

Among the new features will be a challenge mode that offer 1-2 minute tasks within various segments of stages within the main story mode. Wilhelmina Muller, a character that originally appeared in recently re-released Dreamcast classic Under Defeat, will be playable in both versions, along with a screen-clearing sub-weapon called the 'UD-Bomb'.

The Vita version in particular will also include touch controls and a GPS unlock gallery that also details player progression and various in-game rewards like concept artwork.

Take a look at the trailer below - the original game was a pretty entertaining side-scrolling shooter, so it might be worth keeping an eye on this if you missed out the first time around.


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