Nintendo Launches Pokédex App for iOS

Goes for paid in-app downloads.

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Nintendo Launches Pokédex App for iOS
Nintendo has jumped into bed with Apple's iOS system good and proper, as the company launches its second Pokémon app to the Japanese App Store. This new program is an official Pokédex, titled Pokémon Zukan, and marks Nintendo's first step into paid apps and micro-transactions.

Details on 150 Pokémon are included in the app's base price - Ľ170 (or Ł1.30). To unlock information on further monsters, you need to pay for additional packs that cost Ľ500 (Ł3.90) a piece. The app is only available in Japan.

The existence of this app is sure to put a nail in the coffin of all of the unofficial Pokédex software that currently plagues the App Store around the world. It's surprising that Nintendo hasn't actually used its copyright legal muscle to shut these other apps down, to be quite honest.

Pokémon Zukan was released via Nintendo subsidiary the Pokémon Company, and follows the release of Pokémon Say Tap on Apple's iOS App Store last year.


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