Black Ops II: Activision to Take "Appropriate Action" Against Early Sellers

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Black Ops II: Activision to Take "Appropriate Action" Against Early Sellers
Activision is talking a big game. It cares an awful lot about the success of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and has said it will take "appropriate action" against retailers that have sold the latest blockbuster title early.

Of course, whether it actually will or not remains to be seen. But it's certainly baring its proverbial fangs in the direction of retailers such as indie outlet, which proudly claimed delivery of Black Ops II as early as this past Saturday.

UK Managing Director Peter Hepworth told MCV, "We take street dates very seriously. The vast, vast majority has held the line. Everyone wants the big community event at midnight when the sales come through.

"I am aware of some exceptions. We are looking at appropriate action. But we are pleased to say we have got the support of all of the retail partners, and they are not causing these issues. They want to help us celebrate it at midnight tonight."

Black Ops II, if you hadn't noticed, will be officially released during a launch ceremony at midnight tonight.

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