Capcom Announces Darkstalkers Resurrection

"First step" to get to Darkstalkers 4.

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Capcom Announces Darkstalkers Resurrection
More than a year after Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono teased that "Darkstalkers Are Not Dead!", it seems that a plan to revive the classic fighting series is well underway. The publisher announced a digital re-release, Darkstalkers Resurrection, during a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel at New York's ComicCon recently.

The compilation pack will be developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and contain arcade versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. According to digital producer David Neal, the decision to include both titles was down to fans' heated debate as to which game offers the superior Darkstalkers experience.

"We were agonizing over which to release," he said in an interview with Joystiq. "They're the two most popular, fan-favorite games of the people who have played Darkstalkers way back when and loved it. There's a group that loves Darkstalkers 2 and a group that loves Darkstalkers 3."

Neal also said that Ono-san wants to fully revive the franchise with a Darkstalkers 4, and that Resurrection is "the first step to get there." So if you want a true sequel, you better look out for this when it hits PSN and XBLA in early 2013.


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