Marvel Heroes Enters Closed Beta

Community Director clarifies, "it's not done."

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Marvel Heroes Enters Closed Beta
Gazillion has announced that it is about to launch a Closed Beta for its upcoming free-to-play superhero MMORPG, Marvel Heroes. Anyone who is interested in testing the game for the privilege of early access will have to go through an application process.

What's that? 'Testing'? Yes, it seems that the Beta culture has been contorted somewhat in recent years, with players treating work-in-progress games like a glorified VIP demo. Well, they're not - and Gazillion's Community Director, Stephen Reid, wants to make that very clear with you all.

"Marvel Heroes is still in active development, and everyone who applies for Closed Beta should realize, quite simply, that itís not done," Reid wrote on the Marvel Heroes website. "We hope youíll enjoy playing, but we also hope youíll help us make the game even better with great constructive feedback and dedicated testing.

"Taking part in a Closed Beta can sometimes be more like work than play Ė but itís a unique chance to see a game taking shape, and to get an insight into development." Potential Beta users will need to register to the Marvel Heroes website, fill in a survey and wait for a formal invitation from the developer to join.


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