Forza Horizon Gets Launch Trailer and Demo Date

Gentlefolks... start your engines.

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Forza Horizon Gets Launch Trailer and Demo Date
Developer Turn 10 has revved up its engines, turned the bass up to 11 and made sure that the roof rack is on securely. Yes, there's a date for the Forza Horizon demo, and there is a trailer.

The official word is:

"Players who download the Forza Horizon demo and then purchase and play the full game online will receive a specially designed 2013 SRT Viper GTS, celebrating Forza Horizon's 'gone-gold' status. This rare liveried car will only be available to those who download the demo and purchase and play the game online. The Forza Horizon Xbox LIVE demo requires an Xbox LIVE account."

All very lovely, but not if you have Xbox Live Silver. "To receive your free Viper you will need Gold member exclusive access," says Turn 10.



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