It's Final: Phantasy Star Universe's Remaining Servers Shut Down

The last of the Japanese servers killed off.

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It's Final: Phantasy Star Universe's Remaining Servers Shut Down
SEGA has finally flipped the kill switch on the last remaining servers for its multiplayer online game, Phantasy Star Universe. If you wanted to crack some of the Achievements for Ambition of the Illuminus on your Japanese Xbox 360, you're now out of luck.

The game was released in 2006, and was the follow up to the cult classic Phantasy Star Online on the SEGA Dreamcast - the very first online RPG console title. The multiplayer component for the PC and PlayStation 2 versions were discontinued in 2010, but Xbox 360 players could still enjoy the game due to a number of active Japanese servers.

Western access was shut down earlier this year, and now Japanese players have been cut off. The server switchoff comes as Japanese gamers enjoy free-to-play sequel Phantasy Star Online 2, a game which has been pegged for a 2013 Western launch.

Fans are reminiscing in SEGA's official forums, here. So long, Phantasy Star Universe. You were nowhere near as good as your predecessor, but you gave it a good go.


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