Gearbox Uses Common Sense, Adds Playable Females to Aliens: Colonial Marines

Both in single-player campaign and the multiplayer.

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Gearbox Uses Common Sense, Adds Playable Females to Aliens: Colonial Marines
Once upon a time, Gearbox's movie-based shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines didn't feature any playable female characters. This week, the developer has made a pleasant U-turn and confirmed that you will indeed be able to stomp on Xenos as a lady, if you wish.

Studio boss Randy Pitchford must have noticed a petition that was published online earlier in the Summer that criticised the company for ignoring the fairer sex.

"We realised some people were starting to feel bad we exist to entertain people," Pitchford told an audience at PAX. "I want everybody to be clear that there are playable females in both the mulitplayer and the campaign."

The lack of playable female marines did seem a little ironic, given that the Aliens franchise has hinged on the misadventures and ass-kickery of Ellen Ripley. Good to see Gearbox seeing sense on this one.

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Shane K. Firth 3 Sep 2012 17:37
Whilst Ripley wasn't a Marine you had a pretty good point. I look forward to seeing a million and one Vasquez's during multiplayer.
ghoti 4 Sep 2012 11:57
How long has this game been in development now? It must be about ten years.
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