SEGA Skips Back to Gamescom 2012

Will likely be showcasing 2012 AAA titles.

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SEGA Skips Back to Gamescom 2012
Remember when SEGA announced that it would be skipping Gamescom this year as a "commercial decision"? Well, rejoice! It turns out the company will be present at the show after all. Hooray!

Invitations sent out to games press today reveal that the company will be showcasing a couple of titles. We should expect Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to be one of them, given that it's heading for a November release. The company also has Aliens: Colonial Marines in the pipeline for a February 2013 launch, and recently announced Total War: Rome II for PC.

On the other hand, a SEGA representative previously explained its initial skip of the Cologne trade show this year as a mismatch of "timing" for its "2012 AAA titles". This suggests that the focus right now is what's being released this year.

Invites to press is for behind-closed doors events, so it's unclear if there will be a public presence for regular Gamescom attendees.

SEGA declined to comment on the reason for the change. But, for a company that's had some troubling financial times in recent months, the fact that it is now decided to attend Gamescom can only be good news.


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