SMITE Developer: We Will Add Even More Gods

Responds to Rajan Zed's criticism.

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SMITE Developer: We Will Add Even More Gods
Hi-Rez Studios has responded to claims made by self-appointed religious leader Rajan Zed that the control of Hindu deities in online RTS SMITE is a "denigration" of the faith.

In a statement made to SPOnG, Hi-Rez Studios' Chief Operating Officer, Todd Harris, explained that the inclusion of Hindu gods such as Kali, Vamana and Agni was a move to make the game more diverse. He also added that SMITE will go further and include even more deities than previously announced.

"SMITE includes deities inspired from a diverse and ever expanding set of pantheons including Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, and Norse," Harris said. "Hinduism, being one of the world's oldest, largest and most diverse traditions, also provides inspiration toward deities in our game.

"In fact, given Hinduism's concept of a single truth with multiple physical manifestations one could validly interpret ALL the gods within SMITE to be Hindu. And all gods outside of SMITE as well. Ponder that for a minute.

"Anyway, going forward SMITE will include even more deities, not fewer."


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