Kaz Hirai Steps Down as Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman

But he's still a part-time member of the board.

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Kaz Hirai Steps Down as Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman
Kaz Hirai, the Sony exec who helped steer the PlayStation business for many years, has now resigned from his position as chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment following his promotion to CEO and president of the entire Sony Corporation.

The move is a little bit saddening, as it's sort of like the end of an era, but it's not altogether surprising - with the weight of the whole corporation now on his shoulders, we would imagine that 'Uncle Kaz' is now going to be a bit pre-occupied with holding the ship together as he tries to unify different divisions and turn fortunes around.

It seems that Kaz isn't going to let the PlayStation side of things go that easily though - he will retain his role as part-time board member of Sony Computer Entertainment, maintaining some form of involvement in that division.

Former Sony Corporation CEO and president Howard Stringer has resigned from his own part-time role on the board, while SCE Japan president Hiroshi Kawano became one of a few fresh faces to replace him.


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