CAVE Cancels PS Vita Titles

A shooter and a social game are to go.

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CAVE Cancels PS Vita Titles
It appears that CAVE's planned games for the PlayStation Vita have been cancelled. A new Famitsu release schedule notes that a shooter and a social game by the cult bullet hell studio are no longer planned for release on Sony's new handheld.

Andriasang notes that the cancellation of both titles are marked as a footnote beneath the main release list, with no explanation for the drop given. "We'll presumably have to wait for an earnings report," writes the website.

The Japanese developer told SPOnG during its exclusive CAVE Week that it was exploring new ways to interact and play shooter games on the Vita, and that the benefits of twin-stick input and touch controls were being investigated. Details for the shooter in question were never revealed, so we can only dream about what could have been.

It's a bit of a blow for Sony too, which has seen some positive third party pledges to support the PlayStation Vita, in spite of such games actually turning up. The system has so far failed to make a sales impact in Japan, with a lack of Monster Hunter and other killer app titles said to be the reason for Nintendo's gains with 3DS. Let's hope this isn't the start of a third-party fallout.

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