Goodbye Game Focus: London Retro Store Shuts

We loved that place, we did.

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Goodbye Game Focus: London Retro Store Shuts
A sad day for London retro gamers today, as Game Focus - one of the last independent and retro retailers in the city - closes its doors.

The store, based on Goodge Street and close to tourist shopping hotspot Tottenham Court Road, opened ten years ago and managed to hold its own against the turbulent specialist retailer landscape. To anyone else, it didn't look like the most inviting place.

But to those who knew their shit, it was a veritable treasure trove of old, import and downright wacky material. Gamecubes, Neo Geos, Game Boys and strange Asian knock-offs and hybrid consoles were order of the day here, along with a selection of the latest games.

Now the place is shut, with a heartfelt handwritten message attached to the door thanking everyone for their patronage. "After almost 10 years of business, Game Focus has had to close," the letter reads.

"We would like to thank all of our loyal customers over the years for their support and wish you all well... As one of the last indie retro and import stores in London, we held on and fought as long as we could. It is a sad day.

Bye. Scottish Guy."

We're off to have a little cry. Head over to its Facebook page and offer your condolences.


ajmetz 11 Apr 2012 12:53
Wow. Sad to hear. I think I accidentally stumbled across this place, some time ago, but tried to find it again at a later date, and never could, >_<. They had Shining Force III for Saturn, I recall, =O....! ^_^

On a happier note, Retro Game Base is a new retro shop / social gaming space opening in London:
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