Pachter: Wii Was A Fad, Social Games Are Not

But Nintendo's 'fad audience' have moved over to social games.

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Oh, Pachter. He's so jokes.
Oh, Pachter. He's so jokes.
The Wii was a fad. Social gaming, however, is not. That's the claim of the always-entertaining video game analyst, Michael Pachter. What makes a man say such things? A close reading of sales, apparently. That, and Pachter likes to play Facebook games with his mum.

"Nintendo Wii fans are now playing Farmville," the analyst declared at the [A]list Summit on game marketing in San Francisco. "The Wii was a bubble. The Wii bubble has burst. As for the social bubble, I donít think itís a bubble. I play Facebook games with my mother. This is not a bubble."

Ignoring the fact that any bubble-bursting on Nintendo's side is likely due to the fact that a next-generation system is right around the corner, Pachter believes that the audience for the Wii have instead transferred over to online social games and iPad apps.

But... if the Wii was a fad, and its 'fad audience' has moved over to social games... why are social games not a fad, again? Because people are playing it with their mums? But people were doing that on the Wii. The logic confuses us. Maybe there's some deep-rooted philosophical reason behind it all that's just too intelligent for us puny mortals to understand.

Via Venturebeat

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