Trackmania Dev: Not Responsible or Not Legal?

Nadeo refutes legal responsibility to moderate user generated content.

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Trackmania Dev: Not Responsible or Not Legal?
TrackMania developer Nadeo has said that it has no responsibility to moderate its user-generated content platform, ManiaPlanet.

SPOnG asked creative director Florent Castelnerac whether there were any legal implications to users selling mods that featured copyrighted material. He said that the studio was not greatly concerned. During a showcase of the ManiaPlanet system, homemade levels and other downloadable items featured logos and images of the LEGO company and Nintendo's Super Mario series.

Players can open up the source code of TrackMania or upcoming FPS ShootMania and create modifications that can be sold on for 'Planets' - virtual currency. However, content is hosted on third-party servers without any affiliation to Nadeo - it is perhaps this aspect of the sale that might allow the studio to avoid any legal difficulties with copyright holders.

However, while Castelnerac said that he wanted the ManiaPlanet platform to be "as neutral as possible" when it comes to moderation, he did say that some data could be banned in extreme circumstances. Ultimately though, Nadeo wants to go to great pains to avoid any bottlenecking of content - Castelnerac hopes that ManiaPlanet will one day help create "the next Counter Strike" through user-generated content.

Expect to see SPOnG's preview of ShootMania and ManiaPlanet later today.

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