Blockbuster Gets Serious: Bags Exclusive Tiger Woods DLC

Footy stars on the green!

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Blockbuster Gets Serious: Bags Exclusive Tiger Woods DLC
Blockbuster is starting to get serious in the gaming retail space. Following similar promotions from GAME, the movie rental chain has announced two exclusive pre-order DLC packs for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

Both packs introduce special characters to tee off with, and include some faces that you wouldn't expect to see on the green. The first DLC pack includes footie stars Wayne Rooney of Manchester United fame, Manchester City's James Milner, Arsenal's Theo Walcott and Chelsea's Petr Cech. The second pack focuses on US stars such as Sugar Ray Leonard.

Blockbuster has said that the pre-order bonus move, the result of an agreement with EA, represents "the start of an exciting year" for its customers - and hinted that this won't be the last time the company will get aggressive on its gaming promotions.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will be released on 30th March.


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