Alan Wake Studio Working on "Groundbreaking AAA Project"

And it's for consoles, too.

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Alan Wake Studio Working on "Groundbreaking AAA Project"
If you thought a PC version of Alan Wake and the upcoming XBLA spinoff Alan Wake's American Nightmare is all that Remedy is working on, prepare to be surprised. The Finnish studio has posted a job that reveals a "groundbreaking AAA console project" in the works.

The unnamed game will use the "next iteration of Remedy's in-house engine," according to the developer's website. That's the same engine that is being used for American Nightmare - could it be Alan Wake 2? Who knows? Not us. Do you? Let us know in the forum.

If you want a shot at working for Remedy though, you've got to be good with the ol' AI programming. Candidates will be "taking our artificial intelligence, character & enemy behavior (sic) to the next level." C++ skills are a must, obviously.

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