US Senator Hates Cash Spent on Video Games History

Republican senator from Oklahoma calls on silly spending such as games... and readin' and writin'

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US Senator Hates Cash Spent on Video Games History
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn is a Republican senator from the great US State of Oklahoma and he’s sick of the US government spending silly money on things like, “Pancakes”, Millions In Foreign Aid to... China?” and “Video Game Preservation”.

Dr Coburn is a big campaigner against ‘bad spending’ and the $113,277 allocated to The International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) project really gets his goat.

It’s up there with the $130,987 allocated to “Federally–funded Dragon Robots”.

He says in a recent report of the ICHEG project:

“The center‘s collection includes over 35,000 video games and a wide variety of items related to the history of electronic games.

“Examples of arcade video games in the collection include Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong.

“The video game compilation also includes Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Doom.

“According to the grant notification, the $113,277 in federal funds will be used to conduct a detailed conservation survey of approximately 6,900 of the 17,000 e-games in [the museum‘s] collection to determine the current condition of both the physical artifacts and their virtual content.

“The study is designed to better position the museum to make its International Center for the History of Electronic Games collection available to visitors, researchers, and a broad public audience by providing images, videos of e-game play, and interpretation of the collection via exhibits and the Online Collections feature of its Web site.

“Admission to the museum costs an adult $13.”

This is a bad thing. Yes! $113,000 dollars spent to preserve culture coming out of an estimated $3.55 trillion government spend for 2010 is obviously an outrage.

That was irony. We make it 0.00000323505714285714% of total spending by the way.

As for the robot dragon...

“The National Science Foundation approved a four-year $923,000 grant for researchers to study how robots can help preschoolers learn language skills.

“The new robots, which will be designed as dragons, will be able to mimic many of the responses that humans make. Nodding and eye gaze will be components of the robot interaction.

“These responses are essential for the robot to form a bond with the child, researchers say.

“Videos and computers lack such cues and are not as helpful for teaching as a responsive dragon robot might be.”

Yes, disgusting trying to use technology to teach kids about readin’ and writin’ and talkin’ , thank God that 50% of US Government spending still goes on the military.

Read the senator’s opinions in this PDF.

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