Mortal Kombat Coming Back To The Big Screen

3D song and dance routines not expected to be included. Damn.

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Don't stop... believin'...
Don't stop... believin'...
Remember the Mortal Kombat movie? Yeah, us neither. We mean, we watched it but as to what happened in it? We haven't got a clue. Still, it was popular and now there's plans for a new movie but this one is based on the fan movie that caused such a stir.

The new film, announced today by New Line and Warner Brothers, will be helmed by Kevin Tancharoen the guy responsible for the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (and the Glee 3D Concert Movie). Developed as a pitch in an attempt to convince Warner Brothers to let him make a movie, Tancharoen's ideas were actually transformed into the web series Legacy.

It would seem that the series was a lot more successful than Warners thought it would be as the new movie based on Tancharoen's rebooted MK universe has now been given the green light. If the film is as good as Legacy which in all honesty is pretty bloody good if incredibly daft it could well redeem the not so good name of Mortal Kombat on the silver screen. Check out the first episode for yourself below.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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