Prankquish: Hideki Kamiya Jokes About Bayonetta 2

Inaba jumps in to rescue him from potential angry fans!

Posted by Staff
Oh Hideki Kamiya, you're such a joker. The Platinum Games developer teased to a follower on Twitter that a sequel to Bayonetta 2 would be arriving in a game magazine this week - shortly before fellow producer Atsushi Inaba had to come in and calm the world down by saying it was false information.

Responding to a Tweet on when we may hear more about Bayonetta 2, Kamiya replied (possibly with 'serious face') "This week... in a game magazine." Atsushi Inaba quickly jumped in to Tweet (via Andriasang) "There is no such announcement!" Inaba added that Kamiya likes to joke a lot.

SEGA has published each of Platinum Games' titles with a great level of cult success. MadWorld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta and Vanquish were games published under an original agreement, but that agreement seemed to be stretched when it was confirmed that SEGA was publishing multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns. The publisher has also indicated that it would like a sequel to Bayonetta.

We would bet our bottom dollar (which is currently $1 right now, sitting proudly next to our Mini Ninjas figurine) that SEGA is doing everything in its power to order a sequel to Bayonetta, and that Platinum would have no problems making such a title. But, until something's announced, it's not happening is it? Randy Pitchford told us so.


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